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Valley Conservatory

About Us


The Valley Conservatory is a music service center with programs designed to develop all aspects of the students’ mind, body and character.   Our programs incorporate the Holistic Approach to Learning to develop the “total student” through the medium of music.


Our focus is in four areas:

Private Music Instruction

  • Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Piano, Voice, Guitar 
  • Class instruction in piano, violin, guitar, pre-school music programs


Music Education

  • Academic and extra curricular music programs for schools, churches, community centers and etc.
  • Music camps, after school programs, enrichment programs for private and/or public sector of all ages


Valley Conservatory Lyceum Series and Jam Sessions

  • Provide concerts and performance venues to the community 
  • Provide lectures and master classes to students and community 
  • Provide opportunities for musicians and artist to perform and/or display their works


Musicians for Hire

  • Valley Conservatory Booking Agency -- Provide musicians to play for special events, weddings, receptions and etc. 


Additional Services and Programs

  • String Instrument Repair – Russell Hopper, Violin Maker 
  • String Instrument Rental/ Fine String Instruments & Accessories for sale – Harmonic Strings 
  • Valley Conservatory Early Music Festival
Brass Trumpet



Acoustic Guitar



Piano Lessons


Valley Conservatory believes music is an art and a science involving both left and right brain activity.  Its philosophy is that the aesthetic and technical aspects of music can be used to teach concepts and principles from academic, physical, spiritual and social realms.


Conceptual thinking is vital to a complete music education experience.  This philosophy gives teachers unlimited resources in conveying musical principals to the student. Teachers can utilize various standard teaching methods or they can be unconventional and use the pattern of the tile on the floor to teach the musical form of a piece.  Holistic instruction enables the student to use mathematical concepts to figure out the meter or listen to the sounds of nature to understand the aesthetic beauty of a piece of music.


Students who learn to view music from a holistic perspective increase their creative and reasoning abilities.  These strengths transfer to all areas of their lives.

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