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Werner Smock


Werner Smock was born in Columbus, Ohio. Because of the developing Space Program, he was brought to Huntsville, Alabama with his family as a young child.

Werner started studying choral music at age 5 with Daphine Baten and Eugene Brasher. At age 8, his Father, a Trombonist, started teaching him how to play Trumpet. Werner is very thankful that his Father made him practice playing Trumpet everyday.

Attending Westlawn Jr. High School, Werner studied with Bill Priest, the band director there, a fine Trumpet player himself. Also studied choral music with H. Kendall Smith.

At Butler High School, Werner had more advanced studies in Music Theory and Music History as well as learning jazz in the Stage Band there. Most significantly, he was privileged to play in the excellent Concert Band under the direction of Frank Kendeigh.

Also during the high school years, Werner played with the Huntsville Youth Orchestra under the baton of Russell Gerhart. Mr. Gerhart had him start playing with the Huntsville Symphony, too. Dr. Marx Pales became conductor of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra (HSO) and Werner was privileged to play with some very fine musicians along with some of the world's finest soloists. In the 1990's Werner played in the HSO under Taavo Virkhaus.

Attending Louisiana Tech University, Werner studied with James Christianson and at University of Alabama - Huntsville (UAH) he studied with George Kavanagh. There he also played in the Ruston Civic Orchestra.

After leaving the HSO, Werner played with Huntsville Opera Theatre with conductors, Dennis Johnson, Viljar Weimann and with Hunter Thomas.

Werner plays trumpet with Huntsville's First Baptist Church Orchestra (FBC) under Billy Orton and has played under him with the Huntsville Community Chorus as well.

Werner also plays Guitar in the First Fellowship praise band at FBC-Huntsville, with Jeremy Wilkerson leading the group.

Werner Smock has performed with the following musical groups at various times:

Bavarian Sauerkrauts, Swing Shift, Independent Musical Productions (IMP), Huntsville Community Chorus, Whole Backstage of Guntersville, AL., Moondust, Twickenham Jazz & Swing, Twickenham Winds, Little German Band, Ars Nova, Brass Impressions, Ahead By One, Dave Leonard Combo, New Moonlighters, Daybreak, Bill Hovik and Friends, Ivy Joe, Temptations, Jim Nabors, Mitzi Gaynor, First Baptist Church Orchestra, Huntsville Brass Band, FBC Brass, Twickenham Brass, Rocket City Jazz Orchestra, Richard Cox Orchestra, Charlie Lyle Orchestra, Charlie Lyle Combo, Sugar and Spice, Bianca Cox Mariachi Band.

Werner's specialty is music of the Baroque era as well as playing music of the Civil War on Eb cornet with Olde Towne Brass. He is known in the area as the "Wedding Trumpet" and his website can be easily located by searching with those two words.

Werner Smock is currently not instructing any classes.