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Kenesha Ryce

At six month old Kenesha was introduced to the violin, when her older sister began taking violin lessons. Kenesha attended ever lesson and practice session before her first birthday. She could be heard humming the tunes of Suzuki Book One cassette.

Kenesha was granted the pleasure of accompanying her parents when they purchased the gift for her third birthday. Yes, you guessed it, her first violin, a 1/16. Oh what a gift, I still remember.

Her formal lessons began with Lynn Webster-Sawyer, however, that was short-lived, because Kenesha had already choreographed the entire Book One cassette. Certainly, she could not understand why her parents and teacher would not allow her to dance to the music, while she played her violin. She knew it all. Yet, after a six month (short lifetime) hiatus, she soon began to understand, she had to follow instructions. She could dance before or after lessons and rehearsal times, but not during those times.

When she resumed her formal lessons, she was ready to go! As a freshman at Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy (GAAA), Kensha taught violin classes throughout the (2008-2009) school year. In 2009 she opened, Wee Play Strings Music Studio out of her home and had 5 violin students and 1 piano student.

While in college at Oakwood University, Kenesha studied with Veronica Johnson in pursuit of a violin performance degree. During the summer of 2014, she attended North Carolina Suzuki Institute at East Carolina University. She completed her studies and recieved certification to teach Suzuki Violin Book 1. Kenesha became a volunteer with COG-ME (Community, Opportunity and Generosity through Music Education), teaching violin lessons to elementary and middle school students in the Huntsville Community (2014-2016). In the Spring of 2016, she began working as a substitute in the Valley Conservatory. She has been a regular instructor for just over 1 year.

Kenesha Ryce is currently not instructing any classes.