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Valley Conservatory

Huntsville Collegium Musicum

HCM_300 The Huntsville Collegium Musicum is Huntsville’s only early music vocal ensemble.  Comprised of nine singers, HCM rehearses and performs without a conductor, striving to strike a balance between independence and community.  HCM’s primary focus is on the music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods, yet often ventures forth into music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

As an ensemble without a conductor, HCM’s rehearsals are comprised of independent singing, listening, collaboration, and critique.  Performance practice is frequently discussed, and rehearsing can often involve differing interpretive views, which brings a distinct richness to HCM’s collective experience and music-making.

The singers of the Huntsville Collegium Musicum are church musicians, university professors, professional soloists, composers, conductors, and private and classroom teachers - each of whom hold a special place in their heart for early music. 

Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses
Gianna Gimenez
Sarah Meister
Melanie Payne
Suzanne Bouvier
Camilla Pruitt
Bryan Page
Chris Walters
Aaron Cain
David Caine