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Valley Conservatory



From Students:


Q: Has private instruction helped the members who take lessons perform better in a String Quartet?

A: Absolutely!! The teachers are excellent and they care about the students. We would not be where we are today had it not been for the lessons and our teachers. The lessons in addition to the coaching that we have received at the Valley Conservatory have made us better musicians and in turn a better quartet.  Private instruction has given us the technique that is necessary to play well. The instructors at the Valley Conservatory are great, and they motivate us to high standards.

Aspire String Quartet
Arielle R, James W, Joy G, Esther B



Q: Would you recommend Valley Conservatory to your friends?

A:  I already have recommended the Valley Conservatory to my friends.  It is a great place to study.  The staff is great; the teachers really care about the students and are very knowledgeable.  I have gained many valuable skills since I have been taking lessons here, and I would strongly recommend Valley Conservatory to anyone who is serious about learning to play their instrument well.

Gracie D





Valley Conservatory Student
From Parents:


When my daughter was 5 years old, she wanted desperately to play the violin. We searched high and low for the right teacher. The decision was unanimous, we would send her to Valley Conservatory. Together, Dr. Collins and I made plans to have Arielle start out in a daycare setting. We did not want her to be overwhelmed or intimidated by the instrument.  She could discover whether or not this was an infatuation or a true love.


It has been 10 years and I still find myself raving about Valley Conservatory and all the musical strides and accomplishments my children have made. Valley Conservatory offers over 50 years of musical experience and information. The staff members are always willing to go above and beyond to achieve success, in a kind and professional manner. It is without reservation that I recommend Valley Conservatory to any parent wanting to expose their child/children to musical excellence!!!

France R



Arielle Rush

"Valley Conservatory has consistently provided excellent instruction in music education as well as ample performance opportunities.  The instructor recognizes and develops the student's natural musical ability in a supportive manner.  The lessons spark interest with sufficient challenge and enjoyment to grow in music appreciation. "    

Regina L



We are very happy with the music instruction at Valley Conservatory.  Having the “right teacher” is so important in any education, and we feel that we certainly do have that with Dr. Collins.  We especially appreciate the holistic approach Dr. Collins takes in her education, and her emphasis in educating the whole person, not only the musical side of a person. We also appreciate all the services and opportunities that Valley Conservatory offer to and for our child.  We feel that Valley Conservatory truly cares and plays a crucial role in our child’s success and her future.  Through music education, she is learning how to cultivate discipline and express herself.  Yes, we have been recommending Valley Conservatory to our friends, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Soo Mee K



I am very content with the level of instruction at Valley Conservatory.  All the teachers are very knowledgeable, caring, and most importantly, patient.   The teachers ensure the students are learning how to play the instrument correctly from the very beginning. 

In the past I always had private teachers come to my home.  The teachers were good but I wanted my sons to interact with other music students.  My youngest son is part of the Master Class Violin Group where they meet once a month to practice violin and after they practice they get to play with each other.  This is a great experience for my son to interact with other students while learning the violin. 

Valley Conservatory has recitals several times a  year and they are wonderful to be part of!  Both my sons enjoy dressing up and performing in front of an audience.  It is a great feeling as a parent to see them perform.  I have already recommended Valley Conservatory to my friends and I recommend everybody to visit the studio so they can see how awesome they are!

Georgina M



The instructors are cognizant that different students respond to different teaching styles.  My child's teachers have diligently worked to find a style that promotes a positive learning environment and provides a well-rounded music education.  The instructors have been able to set a pace adapted to my child's abilities and know when to increase the challenges appropriately. Valley Conservatory's many studio spaces provide an optimal learning experience.  Students are afforded the luxury of private instruction with no distractions.  

Valley Conservatory maintains regular communication with students and parents.  Appointment reminders and payment reminders are always sent in a timely manner by Ms. Lillie who always greets everyone with a smile.  The newsletters are a great way to stay connected with the happenings at Valley Conservatory.  These include upcoming musical events, special camps, and recital information.  Participating in regular recitals has been a strengthening experience for my child by helping her feel at ease in front of an audience.

Valley Conservatory instructors are enthusiastic about teaching music and wish to instill the same enthusiasm in their students. Every teacher is highly qualified in their art and is excited to share the gift of music with us.  

Tehmina K