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Valley Conservatory

What is MBC Musical Theater?

We will work to grow and develop all aspects of the students’ “Mind, Body and Character.” Each Musical Theater Class will include many opportunities for your child to perform, sing, dance and work together as an ensemble.

We will grow as individuals by learning about communication, responsibility and how to conquer challenges with skills that will help us to be successful in life.

We will learn acting techniques/skills and play many theater games and there will be opportunities for creative movement and dance.

We will use pantomime, monologues, guided imagery, improvisation theater games, storytelling and play writing.

We will develop our musical theater skills, sing, learn to project our voice, work on our stage presence, develop proper singing skills and techniques and participate in singing games.

We will prepare for a variety of different type of performances through out the year such as variety show, possible dinner theater, community events and of course a final stage performance in the Spring.

All students enrolled in the class will be “cast” into our shows and be a part of each performance.

Oh, and we will have a LOT OF FUN!


Alicia Boniakowski - Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Master of Arts in Teacher, 18+ years of teaching experience in music education, theater, choir, drums, recorders, flute, beginning piano, Passionate about the arts and about helping each child strive for the highest in all they aspire to do.

Caleb Martin - Sophomore Education Major at Calhoun Community College. Experienced in theater and musical performances.



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Grades K-2 Musical Theater (16 Classes $160)

Tuesday's 3:30-4:30 pm Hampton Cove

8/21- 10/16 Session I $80

10/23 – 12/18 Session 2 $80

Grades 3-5 Musical Theater (16 Classes $240)

Tuesday's 4:30-6:00 pm Hampton Cove

8/21 – 10/16 Session 1 $120

10/23 – 12/18 Session 2 $120

Grades 6-12 Musical Theater (16 Classes $320)

Wednesday's 4:00-6:00 pm Hampton Cove

8/22 – 10/17 Session 1 $160

10/24 – 12/19 Session 2 $160